Posted date: 14/November/2010

The national award winning actress for ‘Gulabi Talkies’ Umasri after four years, Madhuri after six years and Manju Bashini after three and half years returns to small screen in ‘Amma Ninagaagi’ that is telecast from 22nd November at ETV Kannada from Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm.

The last television serial of Umasri was ‘Kichchu’ of Chaitanya direction, for Madhuri it was ‘Kanyadhana’ and for Manju Bashini the last camera facing was ‘Sugriva’.

While Madhuri and Manju Bashini settled down in family given tutelage to the children in the case of veteran Umasri she got married her daughter who is a doctor now staying in Udaipur.

What is interesting is that all are related to big screen. Umasri needs no introduction, in the case of Manju Bashini it was ‘Bhoomi Geetha’ 12 years ago and for Madhuri it was two decades ago in Kashinath cinema she made debut.

Umasri is moved with the speed and alertness of television actors. Although I work here for 10 days allot five days to cinema rest is for politics inform Umasri. Looking at the actors Ramesh Bhat, Srinivasa Prabhu and others at the media briefing on Saturday at The Bell Hotel Umasri told she had the fear facing the camera. It is easy for me in big screen and theatre. In small screen in the come back I have taken time to adjust. All the actors mould so well in small screen in quick time. Ramehs Bhat and Srinivasa Prabhu are Pralayanthakaru said ‘Thayavva’ of big screen now ‘Amma’ in small screen.

Madhuri making debut in Kashinath film later switching over to small screen is also returning as mother in ‘Amma Ninagaagi’. She returns after six years and she is a fan of Umasri. With dialogue kings like Srinivasa Prabhu even I found it difficult in my return after ‘Kaynadhana’ disclosed Madhuri.

The youngest of the three returning to small screen in Manju Bashini who started off in big screen ‘Bhoomigeetha’. Returning to small screen after seven films and nearly 2500 television episodes in which ‘Silli Lalli’ was top most running to 1000 in four and half years Manju Bashini is playing the daughter to Ramesh Bhat in this mega television serial.

Married to Renukeshwar who is in the construction business with a boy of three years Siujya (that means ultimate state of mind referred in Soundarya Lahiri devotional songs) Manju Bashini is looking for some stunning roles in her come back. The feel at home and television serials adjusting to my nativity is the best part of this profession she says. For her next year Birthday in October she has plans to produce a television serial. She had already directed ‘Swarga and Daritri’ in her career.

Madhuri also figured in films like Rakshaka, ammavra Ganda, Raj, Sugriva and others. She is also interested in designing the house.

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