Posted date: 28/September/2010

The proud wife of Dr Girish Kasaravalli – Smt Vaishali Kasaravalli, actress, television director, national and state award winning personality breathed her last at 5.15 pm on Monday evening at Maruthi Manipal Hospital in Jayanagar 9th block near Ragi Gudda.

According to the wish of Smt Vaishali Kasaravalli, her eyes were donated to the eye bank. Lokanath, Girija Lokesh, Dwarakish, Devaraj, Avinash, Malavika, Sumana Kitthur, Abhinaya and others visited the hospital.

On Tuesday the mortal of Vaishali Kasaravalli will be kept at SAMSA from 12 to 3 and later at Banashankeri crematorium the body will be cremated.

With roots in theatre Vaishali made debut in ‘Yava Janmada Maithri’ in 1972 kept away from cinema for five years after marriage in 1978 and came back in 1984 from ‘Manasa Sarovara’ of Puttanna Kanagal in an achiever with unique standards.

In every ‘Magi Chali’ (December to February) season one of the lovely song of Vaishali Kasaravalli with Dr Vishnuvardhana in ‘Hombisilu’ is often heard in radio channels and seen in small screen. Ahaha Magiya Chaliyalli Yee Bisi Eko…..and another song in ‘Kittu Puttu’ with Dwarakish Mathonda Heluve Naa Hattira Hattira Baa……is also notable film song of Vaishali Kasaravalli.

Vaishali got married to Girish Kasaravalli in the year 1978 and it was a love marriage. Apoorva and Ananya are daughter and son of the star couple.

Actress of over 100 films Vaishali Kasaravalli popular films are Akramana, Yarigu Helbedi, Kittu Puttu, Angaialli Apsare, Kraurya, Hombisilu, Swamy, Thabarana Kathe, Ksheera Sagara, Anukolakkoba Ganda, Asegoba Meesegobba, Mooru Daarigalu, Mahadasoshi Sharana Basava, Chandramuki Pranasaki, Panjarada Gili, Hoovondhu Beku Ballige, Vigneswarana Vahana, Shanker Guru, Palitamsha, Parivarthana, Sparsha, Nigatha, Akramana, Ganeshana Madhuve, Gowri Ganesha, Thavarumane Udugore, No 73 Shanthinivasa and others. For Akramana she bagged the best actress from state government.

Vaishali was first recognized by veteran comedian Narasimha Raju for heroine in ‘Professor Huchchuraya’ but director MR Vittal opted for Manjula as the heroine. Manjula acted in Vittal ‘Yara Sakshi’ Vaishali acted with Narasimharaju in ‘Yava Janmada Maithri’. Vaishali was given the Kamali role a pick pocket role in ‘Prof Huchchuraya’. Very soon ‘Akramana’ of Girish Kasaravalli came to her and she bagged the state award for that role. As a heroine Vaishali acted in less number of films but she was more recognized as supporting actress.

She was associated with costume designing in Vaishali Kasaravalli films and bagged the national award for best costume designing for the film of her husband ‘Thai Saheba’ in 1998. For Akramana she bagged the best actress and supporting actress for ‘Palitamsha’ from the state government.

The television in fact made her active in the last few years. She acted in television serials like Kshamaya Dharitri, Navellaru Ondhe. Moodala Mane after long hibernation brought her back to active visual media. It was after battling for life came back miraculously to take up television serial. Later it was Muthina Thorana was the most popular television directed by Vaishali Kasaravalli.

Being a proud wife of Girish Kasaravalli for over three decades Vaishali always believed we should have belief in the roles we do. Any role we do it should get a feel from the inside she was emphasizing.

Vaishali Kasaravalli was in to politics in the late 90’s. She contested for Bangalore City Corporation in 1996 from ‘Loka Shakthi’ but lost in the election. Vaishali was staunch admirer of former chief minister Ramakrishna Hegde.

‘AKRAMANA’ OVER – Best actress award winner Vaishali Kasaravalli

Set in southern India in a large city, this routine, episodic drama focuses on a few romantic misadventures. In one instance, a man has fallen in love with a woman who has walked away from her marriage. She is older than her new love interest but that is not really an issue at all. When she feels driven to go back to her marriage, the younger man does not have the depth to counteract her feelings with anything meaningful or compelling. In another story, a youth is foolishly deceived by a superficial, attractive young woman and learns about love and relationships the hard way.

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