Posted date: 1/April/2010

The prominent actor of Kannada cinema Ananthnag in the company of the Southern star Suhasini a ‘House husband’ who is also house arrested after his kicking out from the job in ‘Eradane Madhuve’ gives room for lot of rib tickling situations. At the publicity of ‘Eradane Madhuve’ on Wednesday afternoon at Solitaire Hotel in Bangalore Ananthnag was seen with screen wife Suhasini to explain the roles they have performed.

The former minister and former MLA Ananthnag is a suspended employee in a Lok Ayuktha case in the film. You can image the respect I command in the house he says. This kind of role is not very difficult for versatility of Ananthnag and he feels happy for the discipline carried out by director Dinesh Baboo.

Actress Suhasini agreed to the point of discipline in the camp of director Dinesh Baboo. She is not in a tear jerker role but it is opposite to her characters on screen. All the characters here in this film lead to comedy and sure to be another hit of director Dinesh Baboo like ‘Mr Garagasa’ opined Ananthnag in his address. The preparation of artists before they come in front of the camera is systematic lauded Suhasini.

Lovely star Premkumar who is also in a small role in this film says this is going to ensure the money back to the audience. There is lot of fun he says. Known for wit and humor actor Sharan felt very happy not because he is with big stars but because he is working for a disciplined director Dinesh Baboo.

The film ‘Eradane Madhuve’ will be remade in Telugu and Tamil. Suhasini will be playing the role what she has done in Kannada as she is popular in both the languages. Producers Suresh and Rajiv also intend to make the film in Hindi language. The film required more time for the post production and it is hitting the screen shortly said the duo producers.

It is learnt Rajendra Prasad of Telugu films will be playing the Ananthnag role in Telugu. Director Dinesh Baboo prefers to talk after the release of the film.

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