Posted date: 20/February/2009

For the first time in India the video invitation for various programs and functions in your house says the trio Vinayaprasad her husband Jyothi Prakash and her brother Ravi Bhat. In the days of chatting, video conferencing and U tube culture how come this stand out?


Vinaya is confident with this type of video invitation because you would address with your family members on the function you are holding and inviting live those who want you to come to your function.


Jyothi Prakash a marketing guy and husband of charming actress, anchor and eloquent speaker Vinayaprasad says this would cater to the upper middle class and every house has the VCD format gadgets in the house and inviting self would be a new attempt. He is planning such scheme in Pune, Mumbai, Mangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and other cities.


The minimum cost per video invitation would come to Rs.150 and 1000 such invite is compulsory. Anything is possible for any function from ‘Viewer Ship’ company floated by Jyothi Prakash.


Ravi Bhat who wants to say today that he is the brother of actress Vinayaprasad because it is an added advantage for him in his career feels this culture of video invitation would click as there is room for creativity. The video invitation ranges from 3 minutes to five minutes. This is an invitation we do it on demand and need he says.

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