Posted date: 26 Tue, Jul 2022 10:13:48 AM

The magnum opus Kannada film ‘Vikrant Rona’ a Pan India film hitting in five more languages simultaneously in over 3500 screens all over the world. As a matter of fact on 28th July the film ‘Vikrant Rona’ arrives in 28 countries – a stupendous achievement for the producers Shalini Jack Manjunath and Alankar Pandian.

Introducing the cinedubs application to the media on Monday morning producer Jack Manjunath said the team of Aditya Kashyap should have come to him three months earlier so that he could have made use of their technology even better. A few days ago topnotch actor Madhavan introduced Aditya Kashyap and now we are here to strive hard to make use of the technology for this Pan India film.

Rocketry – The Nambi Effect gathered 14000 subscribers for this cinedubs application and it is hoping for good response worldwide, says Adhitya Kashyap addressing the media.

As of now cinedubs will be available in the languages Vikrant Rona is dubbed and the languages might increase.

Jack Manjunath explaining the steep hike in demand for the film ‘Vikrant Rona’ said the Road Project employees of 2000 asked for one show of the film in Telugu version. He is talking to the representatives in Andhra Pradesh.

Among all languages the highest number of screens is for Hindi and it is 900 screens – of over 450 screens is in Andhra Pradesh and Telengana, 800 shows worldwide tickets are books as of now. In Kannada it is nearing 350 screens that show Vikrant Rona.

In Dubai on 27th of July there will be five screens showing Vikrant Rona in five languages. In Mumbai Salman Khan is promoting, in Hyderabad Nagarjuna and in Lulu Mall on 26th of July, super star Upendra is gracing the occasion of a mega event of ‘Vikrant Rona’.

In Urvashi and Shankar Nag Symphony the 3D version is delayed for two days because they do not have the active glasses. 90 percent of screening will be in 3D version, assures Jack Manjunath. The ticket price on weekdays is not much but it is routine to find an increase on weekends.

I am safe in business, says Jack Manjunath with a smile and the budget of the film is said to be the most expensive of all Kannada films so far.


Mr Joshi sitting left to Jack Manjunath is in charge of all dubbing procedures. 

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