Posted date: 15/January/2011

Age no bar! Age Bar Bar…is the discussion among the heroines! Actress Jayanthi even today says she is just 19. Her age has stopped after that!
The other day veteran Dwarakish told Priyadarshini was around 20 years when he picked her for ‘Shruthi’ that became a super hit film in Kannada a remake from Tamil film Pudhu Vasantham.
When ‘Shruthi’ was released it was 1991. When Hettha Karulu was released it was 1994. Shruthi roughly around 23 or 24 years!
But on Friday evening actress surprised everyone by saying when she did the role of three kids in ‘Hettha Karulu’ of Saiprakash the era of tear jerker for her career she was only 15 years. At a teen age I became mother of three kids. I was in no mood to say no! Again in Veerappa Nayaka I played mother to a youth of more than 20. Now in ‘Shabdamani’ I told Renukumar I don’t want to don the role of a grandmother because others would make me Ajji on silver screen. Somehow I agreed because the artist in me wanted to this kind of role. Now I am grand mother says the former ‘Alumunji’ of Kannada Shruthi says.
Shruthi facing the divorce case in the family court come with her daughter Gowri and she looked around 10 years of age.
Hey, You gentlemen don’t ask the age of girls! If actress Shruthi is 40 plus in what it concerns you!

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