Posted date: 17/June/2010

Just before the start of Ashada Masa number of films are going on the floors but after the Ashada Masa on September 12 a new guy from one of the lavish producer family is launching in a bug budget film.

That is Sumanth Babu son of producer Shailendra Babu is facing the camera on his birthday and his dimple chin father one of the lavish producers of Kannada cinema is organizing a great party. The film is ‘Rajavamsha’ and the director is S Mahender. The renowned director of Kannada cinema S Mahender will be taking up one more film for producer Sandesh Nagaraj before ‘Rajavamsha’.

Prakash Rai will be playing the father role to debutant Sumanth who has finished BBM and taken training in acting department built his physique to suit the action extravaganza.

Gurukiran will be scoring the music for this newcomer and for all new heroes and directors Gurukiran music is not a failure at all. A few films might have bombed but his music has given a good go in the market.

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