Posted date: 24/March/2009

What is ‘JOSH’ (According to numerology it is Jhossh)? – J = JOLLY, 0 = OBEDIENT, S= SINCERE, H = HUDUGRU HUDGIRU. Another meaning arrived for ‘JOSH’ is – JO – JOPAANA, SH – Shadguna (Gnana, Aishwarya, Shakthi, Bala, Veerya and Thejassu) very special for the youths.

Right film at the right time for 15 to 20 the cream of youth and potential era in life is what ‘Josh’ is touching upon. This is Sikkapatte Maje…Swalpa feelings!

Director Shivamani agrees to this point when it was narrated to him. The film is all about the ‘Aase Akankshe’ of boys and girls from SSLC to Degree level. I have visited 100 plus schools to know the behavior, attitude, accent of language they speak etc. I became 16 in my outlook. I wanted the real emotional feel. With the absolute support of SV Babu I have accrued the strength. Out of 12000 candidates we have been able to short list to 1200. Among them we have selected 40 persons for the film. We have the track of every applicant – we are sending SMS messages to everyone about the completion of the film and thank them Shivamani disclosed on his new step in 16 long years of career.

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