Posted date: 5/January/2010

Darshan known for giving tough answers when asked how do you want to remember Dr Vishnuvardhana an actor from his Mysore city said first from his bangle in the and later felt happy for having acted with him in ‘E Bandhana’. That is not the point Darshan – what concrete memory has to be done for remembering the icon Dr Vishnuvardhana came up again for him – ‘Who remembers Toogudeepa in the industry today’ came the reply from him with drops of tears in his eyes.

Darshan has reason to say like this because in Amrutha Mahotsava of Kannada cinema his father Toogudeepa Srinivas was forgotten in the books department. So he is coming up with books of all villains of Kannada cinema. Three sons of villains have to confirm on the book he said.

On the leadership that should come to young blood in Kannada cinema as of now Ambarishanna is our President and on 10th of January we have a meeting to decide on various things he said.

Darshan fury went up for the lack of publicity and good posters for ‘Porkhi’ Kannada cinema. He called the executive producer Ramesh Rao and taken him to task in the presence of media journalists. For any failure of the film this Ramesh Rao is responsible. He is giving ideas in his ‘Guntur’ style and according to me nothing is put up properly for the film ‘Porkhi’.

No producer today gives the correct facts and figures as for as the investment is concerned he pointed indirectly saying Rs.7 crore is not the budget of the film ‘Porkhi’.

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