Posted date: 6/October/2010

The seriously discussed issue among the Kannada film producers often is dubbing from other languages to Kannada. The dubbing has been banned five decades ago in Kannada is a welcome factor even by non Kannada film makers in adjacent states.

The strength for their argument is that according to the constitution of India this cannot be curtailed. Secondly for an issue like ‘Ravaan’ the Big Pictures has filed a case for damages of Rs.5 crores from Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. Knowing that it will be a futile exercise the KFCC has already spent Rs.12 lakhs on the legal battle against Kites, Ravanan issues. More than this factor the ban on Big Pictures – not to give films to screens owned by Big Pictures is nothing but giving room for non Kannada films to get more theatres goes the argument.

The new crop of producers also in need of dubbing according to the sources gathered from the last Kannada Film Producers meeting.

The argument put forward to this banned issue of dubbing is that it is time to check the influx of non Kannada films. A film like Enthiran is occupying 100 screens from three languages of Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. There is no one to exercise control. In such cases ‘Enthiran’ is dubbed in Kannada only that is allowed inside Karnataka. Secondly it makes the non Kannadigas to learn the language at the pretext of non Kannada artists and thirdly the exorbitant rates charged by the artists would get curtailed says a section of the producers.

And now on Wednesday morning the Kannada Film Producers Association for flouting the norms in the case of ‘Enthiran’ staging protest in front of the KFCC.

When ‘Enthiran’ is brought for Rs. 9 crores to Karnataka territory how the distributors should earn is the issue. Making the other languages rapidly grow is the first mistake of KFI says a senior producer.

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