Posted date: 24/June/2009

At the floral tributes afternoon at the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce to the departed soul R.Lakshman the top ranking yesteryears director KSL Swamee announced to conduct a workshop on the solid work done by R.Lakshman to focus the need to know various things to the youngsters.

Dr Jayamala the KFCC President preferred to call R.Lakshman as ‘Udyamadha Chetana’. Tallam Nanjunda Shetty felt bad for not informing on the death of R.Lakshman for that Dr.Jayamala reacted that SMS message was sent to him.

CVL Shastry, AR Raju, KCN Chandrasekhar, Bhargava, Dr Leelavathi, GRS Srinivas, respected journalist PG Srinivasamurthy, TS Nagabharana, Pal Chandani, SK Bhagwan, SV Rajendra Singh Babu, Thara, Thomas D Souza, VH Suresh, Baraguru Ramachandrappa, Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar, Basanthkumar Patil, Shivaram of Karnataka government spoke at the ‘Shraddanjali’ meeting of R.Lakshman.

R.Lakshman’s son Naganna and many others of the Kannada filmdom attended the meeting.

We give you one line observation on R Lakshman made by different speakers:

  • When we used to come to Bangalore from Madras in those days we never used to miss meeting R.Lakshman. He was so informative – Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar
  • He worked for ‘Vairudhyas’ – Sampadhane of commercial films, Samvedhane of Art films- industry and government, seniors and juniors – A Samanvaya Sheela Vyakthi – Dr.Baraguru Ramachandrappa
  • He was friend guide and philosopher – Shivaram
  • He was ‘Thindi Potha’ for second generation of the industry he was instructor. Very important is his urge to get Gubbi Veeranna and Dr.Rajakumar stamp – he succeeded in Dr.Rajakumar stamp. An ambassador of the Karnataka film chamber of commerce – VH Suresh.
  • Masala Dosai and sweets from Kanthi Sweets he was very particular – he was forcing me to get it. If I have some knowledge on the industry activity – he is responsible – Thomas D Souza.
  • When I and Ambi urged him to take Vishnu for ‘Bhagya Jyothi’ he said he is costly and took letter from us for guarantee – later when the film ran for 100 days he gave presentation to me and Ambi – S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu.
  • He was calling me and Dorai as ‘Hakka and Bukka’ of Dr.Rajakumar – SK Bhagwan.
  • We have lost Bheeshma of Kannada cinema – a torch bearer – Basanthkumar Patil.
  • I was the first one to shout slogan against R Lakshman but the same person was the one who filled spirit in me. ‘Avaru Katti Kollalilla but Katti Kottavaru’.
  • To clear the knots in the hair we use comb but he was Chinnadha Bachanige. He solved all my problems even when I came with anger.
  • ‘He is KFCC degree holder’ – he knew so many things – director HR Bhargava
  • Instrumental in screening Kannada films in other states especially Tamil Nadu – he had the guidance of Dr.Rajakumar – senior journalist PG Srinivasamurthy.
  • He wanted Kannada films in states. We are giving money from our state he used to tell. He was the key man for the monthly magazine of KFCC – GR Srinivas long time friend of R Lakshman (he came in wheel chair to the condolence meeting).
  • He was Margadharshi, he believed in collective strength the pillar of strength. He used to prepare us and he had his own library on various facts and figures.
  • He was studying a lot before saying anything. He spent half of his life to Film Chamber – AR Raju.
  • He gave me Rs.7000 in 1969 as the first production expenses – Chandulal Jain.
  • He stood in the queue of Janatha Darshan to meet then chief minister Ramakrishna for salvation to industry problem. Ramakrishna Hegde identified him and asked him to get inside. He heard the problem of the industry and solved the fate of thousands of people – CVL Shastry.
  • I really feel bad because I could not see him after his death. He was writing my observation so well for one year in the magazine of film chamber in my term as President – Tallam Nanjunda Shetty.
  • He is ‘Laksha Mana’ not Lakshman. I directed four of his films. At important meetings in other states it was incomplete without R Lakshman. He was so fond outside the state – KSL Swamee.
  • He is Udyamadha Chethana – morality was his strength and making others to inculcate it. In every reports and albums I see R Lakshman. That is his involvement in work. He was guiding in all respects – Dr.Jayamala KFCC President.

There were messages to the condolence meeting from Ramprasad of Prasad studio and SIFCC that was read out by Thomas D Souza.

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