Posted date: 3/June/2009

Despite of many types of loot in her life by the persons whom she trusted Jayanthi (Kamalakumari) is living legend in personal life too. Not only the youths seeing her films can ape her professional life but the people in distress can take a note of her personal life. On and off the screen this gem of a lady JAYANTHI cherish in the memory.

Kannada Naadina Veera Ramaniya Gandu Bhoomiya Veera Naariya Charitheye Naanu Haduve….Chitradurgada Kallina Kote…Sidiligu Bechchadha Ukkina Kote…Madhakari Nayaka Naalidha Kote…. Veera Onake Aaa Obavva…. This song was remembered by many of the media friends on last Saturday evening instead of the pathetic song Veeraha Nooru Nooru Taraha…..The one and only Jayanthi the six languages heroine who killed the sleep of many youths in her teens, twenties, thirties and forties was before us at the AMRUTHA MATHU MANTHANA organized by Kannada film journalists, cinema photographers and Television colleagues.

Do not rake up the early horrible days. I cannot see the closets of my family eye to eye then. By the slip of the tongue I have told long ago so many things. Allow me to live in peace Jayanthi made a humble request before the media chat. Yet she took up interesting moments from her life pages which many of us do not know.

Take a look at it:


The Bellary proper Hudugi Kamalakumari is the fond child of her mother. Her mother wanted a male kid but female kid was born. Never mind I see my daughter as a son too decided Kamalakumar’s mother. Instead of frill frocks the tight point, bob cut, boyish looking dresses landed in the house. I was treated like a boy in the house. I was made as a cartoon from costumes.


I was told by mother not to lie in life and admit the mistakes. It was a day I obliged to my friends and bunked the classes. I was in Galli playing Goli and Buguri. At 4.30 pm I did not turn up to the house. My mother came looking and caught hold of me and brought home without telling anything. I knew that I made a mistake and she is aware of it. Straight away I handed over the stick to beat me. Not only from stick had my mother hit me from the key bunch. Blood oozed out and she became quiet.

The same mother in anger once asked for Rs.25000. I did not arrange it at the right time. When it was given to her she took currency notes one by one started tearing it. She did not know the 1000 rupee note. It was so big one could have breakfast on it.


My mother was not allowing anyone to touch me. We went to Madras once. Seeing all places in Madras was like festival for me. When we went to airport the pilot put me in the seat and he was tying the belt my mother objected to it. When we went to see the Ship my mother was of the opinion that young kids will be killed and eaten. She did not allow me to get inside the ship.

It was time to see NTR garu. He asked me to sit on his lap and told me that I would become an actress. I did not know anything. I just blinked at him!


To see the dance program of our dance teacher I went with four others. There was start, cut start etc. It was the giant YR Swamy noticed me from a long distance. I was invited for Chandrakala studio there my name Kamalakumari was changed. Cinema was like Antu roga but my mother was convinced to accept cinema offer of ‘Jenu Goodu’.

Amma had the Bhaya and I did not know anything. I was given a bit dialogue and I was pukka in delivering whatever is asked. I was called ‘Gili Mari’ for it. Then ‘Chandavalliya Thota’ main heroine was given to me. I had seen Bedara Kannappa and knew about long hair Rajakumar. When he came with short hair I was wondering is he the same person. Every scene was discussed with all around. Everyone was aware of everything. Director was surrounded by artists.


It was in Chandavalliya Thota I was to die. Udayakumar was to fall on my feet and I had to control the breath. I was doing Yoga and so it was not difficult. But when Udayakumar arrived he made over acting fall on my feat with lot of force I was like screaming with pain but there was no go.

Miss Leelavathi I did not miss. It was meant for Sowcar Janaki and she rejected the role because of swimming costume scene. I agreed because I knew swimming.

In one of the scenes I was wearing the saree just below ‘Hokkalu’ and came running from staircase. Dr.Rajakumar saw this and straight away told this is not meant for Kannada cinema. I tried to convince wearing saree like this is a fashion but he did not agree to it. I had to change my costume style. I got national award for that film for my acting and Rs.4000 I spent on ‘Joli-Uyyale’.

Films came one after the other Chakrateertha, Paropakari and in Bale Basava I called the hero in singular. It clicked and that was for the first time.

From Savira Mettilu I worked for Puttanna films. We knew other and so got along. When Puttanna worked as co director and writer in Padmini Pictures I knew him.


As a child I sat on his lap and as a heroine I lapped up an offer in NTR garu cinema with pride. He remembered his words and I was happy to work with him in Jagadeka Veerudu and Kondaveeti Simha.


Naanu Modhale Gandu Beeri. I did not know how to react for romantic moments. The first on screen was with actor Shoban Babu. It was the first night scene. I had to be bit seductive when Shoban Babu puts his hand on my shoulder from behind. I did not give the right reaction. K.Vishwanth explained how I have to be in the romantic moment. So Romance was taught by K Vishwanath.

I did not how to walk properly. It was K.V.Reddy who taught me I should walk like a girl and not like a boy. From another K I learnt walking style.

The pause and timing in dialogue delivery was taught to me by K.Balachander. It was a good lesson for me. Yet another K taught me one more essential aspect.


When I started accepting Puttanna films I did not repent even if I played anti heroine role. But when we decided to shoot at Edakallu Gudda the Gandhinagar people said we would return without shooting because we cannot climb it. I was the first one to climb. Actor Chandrasekhar fell ill while climbing and he had to be rescued with treatment. When I took Obavaa role in ‘Nagarahavvu’ there was not good report. But I took it as a challenge and that became a huge success. Even in a place like Thirupathi people recognize me for that role after 30 years of performing that role.


I have received lethal blows for believing people. The first husband use to rob my property and make it registered with his first wife children and others. He never registered cars, bungalows brought from my money in my name. It continued very long in other cases too. I decided to end my life and sat in front of Sankey Tank. But my son came before my eyes. Then I decided that I should live for him.

A lot of pestering I received perhaps no one had received in the cinema field. For my good deeds I received only bad reciprocation. Nannannu Thulidaddu eshtu andhre Bhoomige Bejar aagi Baayi biduvashttu! Nanage Bejaaru Madi Madi avarige Bejaraagi Hogidhe! Olle thana durupayoga ayuthu. I am like white paper. I have Ghatti Hrudaya. Otnalli Manassu Nemmadhi Beku in all places.

Nannannu Mosa Madidhavarella Shatrugalu! I do not curse anyone. I do not rake up any old saga. It hurts my family members. I can’t face them when they are in tears. I have some more time to retire. Then I will write my autobiography. Aaaga Nanna Kannidha Neeru Bandhe Baruthe! Naanu Peddhi! Yeega Huttirabeku Ansuthe!

I feel Lord Venkateshwara is my husband, Thayi Chamundeswari is my mother and lord Ganesha is my younger brother!

Manohar. R.(Manu),
Photo Journalist
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