A mix of music and mischief at the audio launch of Pancharangi on Radio Mirchi
Posted date: 13/August/2010

The most awaited “Pancharangi” movie of the year launched its music exclusively on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM - Sakkath Hot Maga! The movie star-cast, Yograj Bhatt, Diganth and Nidhi Subbaiah were seen having a blast at namma Pori Tapori Rachna's, morning drive time show 'Hi Bengaluru' between 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Looked like, the entire crew of the movie were in mood for some wild fun and were seen pulling each others leg tirelessly. Just like, it’s said that the Director is the captain of the ship; Yograj Bhatt was the boss of the show and relentlessly kept the Mirchi studios in splits with his witty sense of humour.

Pori Tapori Rachna was displaced from her post of an RJ by Yograj Bhatt who took over with a view of giving freedom to the Mirchi listeners of Rachna’s vata vata (Bak bak). Rachna and Yograj Bhatt indulged in a poetic fight as they rattled out their creativity to present their argument in short limericks in the ‘Life Ishtene’ style (Life Ishtene is a song in Pancharangi that depicts the clichés of life in a rather fun manner).
Joining the duo was Diganth & Nidhi, who were also drawn into the fun instantly. Yograj Bhatt and Diganth teamed up to pull the leg of the ladies – RJ Rachna & Nidhi Subbaiah. They went to the extent of saying that the ladies reminded them of ‘Lady Rambo and named them the avatars of Kittur Chennamma and Onake Obhavva!'
After an hour of role reversals, Rachna who finally managed to regain her position as the RJ, was seen appeasing Yograj Bhatt by saying “God created him to be only a ‘Film maker’ hence requested him to spare her only job". Once back on her seat, Rachna did a fun round of rapid fire session with Diganth and Nidhi asking them to rate each other's ‘Hot’ quotient. While Nidhi voted Diganth with 20 on a scale of 10, Diganth exclaimed that Nidhi was as hot as Radio Mirchi – Sakkath Hot Maga!

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