Posted date: 11/March/2010

No asker No teller! Comer Comes, goer goes! This has actually become the Kannada cinema industry position today. That is also the reason for flops in the continuous past and drop of collection from 60 percent to 8 percent.

Look at the non Kannada director Srinivas Gunda Reddy, non Kannada music director Baseer and Kannada knowing Telugu producer Sheela Venkteshwarulu film ‘Abhirami… Anatha…Na audio CD! It lacks the basic common sense. The audio company is not printed, the lyricist’s names are not given and price of CD is missing. The straight lift from Telugu actor Chiranjeevi and Sridevi film tune no courtesy is given. I am a friend of Ashwini Dutt I have informed about this copying said the producer Sheela Venkateswarulu.

The CD backside cover has the cabaret dance pose of Sindhusri (TV actress and sister of actress Vanishri) with a group looking at her ‘Sonta’.

All these lapses were questioned by the media and for the right questioning there was no proper reply. We have lifted only one tune of yesteryear film argued the producer, director and music director. Baseer has worked for ‘Kal Ka Nawab’ Hindi film as music director and he has no other knowledge in music.

To top it all the director, producer, music director all escaped to speak and just after watching the songs AS Murthy and Vijayakumar were asked to release the CD pack and announcer said thanks for coming.

At the end of the audio release and discussion between media and team on stage came the heroine Akshata Shetty who openly said there are no Kannada speaking people in Hubballi. What a statement you are making media asked she understood her mistake and said I am not able to catch fast Kannada. A new journalist not known to most of us hit back at the heroine ‘Enri Kannada Gothu Antha Helkolakke Nachke Agutha, then why are you acting in Kannada’ made Akshata to become nervous.

She was one of the as usual traffic jam heroine.

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