Posted date: 31/January/2009

Do you remember this senior actress unmarried so far after 30 years of career in cinema and theatre - Shanthala? Go back to the days of doyen of Kannada cinema S.R.Puttanna Kanagal’s ‘Paduvarahalli Pandavaru’ the youth Channi played by Shanthala. You got it your mind? Yes the same Shanthala surfaced in front of the media at Abbainaidu Studio during the shoot of Kindarajogi song for ‘Rasarishi Kuvempu’.

Marriage is a pain for this senior actress who still looks very chubby and beautiful. ‘Ranganayakigintha Rangabhoomi Nayaki’ is more important this multifaceted actress.

Before we say more about Shanthala we would like to inform that she holds the major record that has not been recorded in any of the books. She has staged 10000 plus dance drama shows and ‘Cinderella’ alone she has staged for 1008 shows. Whether she gets the Limca Record or Guinness recognition the time only will tell.

Coming back to this talent store house Shanthala – She has acted in Kannada films like Raithana Makkalu, Anuraga Bandhana, Parivarthane, Prema Jwaale etc. the last film she acted as sister to Sudeep was ‘Swathi Muthu’.

On stage she is very well recognized for dance drama such as Krishna Rukmini, Govina Kathe, Shabari, Karnataka Vaibhava, Cindrella – she has performed a similar role in these dance drama thousands of times.

A native of Belgaum got full support from Prabhat Kalavidaru and going great.

Shanthala does not want to become another Shakunthala. She hates marriage. The lord of death applies the break once but in married life break is applied every day. She is keeping a fit physique and leading a comfortable life. Does walking and dance two hours and teaching dance to the slum children.

Shanthala belongs to JDS political party. She is the observer of women status for coming Shimoga Lok Sabha election. She is the organizing secretary of JDS.

She has been dancing on stage when she was three years young. Not got any awards feel ‘Aathma Trupthi is the biggest Prashasthi’.

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