Posted date: 20/October/2009

A mixture of happiness and sorrow came like flood from the top most Kannada actor Dr.Vishnuvardhana. The aversion is for the system prevailing and the happiness is for the existence despite of all arrows point to Kannada people.

We give the gist of half an hour chat with Dr.Vishnuvardhana at his residence in Jayanagar, Bangalore:


  • Kannada is neglected. The other language people when they stay here and take everything from Kannada Nadu they even forget to mention Kannada forget about speaking.
  • Dr Vishnuvardhana was referring to recent television program. The Vijay TV conducting ‘Kamal 50’ neglected an actor like Dr.Vishnuvardhana. They had not invited me properly and Kamal Hassan Kannada films were not mentioned did not get noticed in such a function. Only Ramesh Aravind was in that function attended by Mammooty, Venkatesh, Mohanlal, Rajanikanth, Sarathkumar and others.
  • I have crossed so many disrespects from 1972 as for as inviting for the function is concerned. For this versatile Ananthnag is an inspiration. He always keeps away from cinema functions as ‘Agnani’ and take part only in film career.
  • Where we are standing should be taken note.
  • I have nothing to crave for in the 38 years. Sikkodhu Sikkidhe! This leadership is not taken it is given. There are sensitive people who are in the industry to head the mantle.
  • I am feeling strongly ‘Nammannu Naavu ridicule Madkolledhe Olledhe’ – like Mirza Ghalib.
  • Yeegeegia Hogalidhre Jaasthi Aythu Antha anisuthe!
  • Recently a producer did not mention Kannada names. I don’t want to name that person. Then how come other language people would say. It is so heartening. For the promotion of the cinema director should be planned.
  • The same Dinesh Baboo is told by producer CR Manohar that we should do re-shoot for ‘School Master’. A Fight and some scenes they want to add. We have not heard of re shoot after film is completed. That is where the planning lacks. Still for me the product is important and I am taking part in the re-shoot.
  • The best creative persons I have seen are S.NARAYAN AND DWARAKISH. They will think of cinema till the film is ready. As makers they are WONDERFUL. They work like how a prompt official works.
  • At this point K Manju expressed that he wants to do a film with Dr Vishnu and Dwarakish. Dr Vishnu reacted ‘Avara Jagadalli Avaru Kshema Vagirali’.
  • A senior officer was telling my wife Bharathi has not got the right honors for her seniority.
  • Thespian Shivaji Ganeshan whom I adore very much right from young age seeing his films was also ‘Nirliptha’ when awards came to him rather very late.
  • Jana nido spandhana. Naavu Hodhaga Aa 10 rupees nidodhu Idheyalla adhe best puraskara!
  • ‘Ballari Naga’ was a nice attempt. Enu Sadhyano I am doing. Even Bharathi Vishnuvardhana also liked ‘Ballari Naga’ for its different approach to a commercial cinema.
  • There is no promotion of the films today. A caretaker is needed. I have seen misconnection between Dinesh Baboo and producer K Manju.
  • What I say is that for the product ‘Yavudhe Thondre Agabaradhu’. Director and producer relation is what important. Cultureless attitude should not be there.



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