Posted date: 19/March/2009

It was an evening of Shani shine and Duttargi dynamism surfacing at the 3rd Varadaraju Award presentation. It was a recap for the veterans on Tuesday evening at the Nayana Kannada Bhavana at the SP Varadaraju Awards. The dynamic and powerful delivery of dialogues from ‘Sampathige Savaal’ and ‘Kitturu Rani Chennamma’ from famous stage artist Smt.Sarojamma Duttargi and veteran actor Shani Mahadevappa going flash back of ‘Satya Harischandra’ stage play after receiving the awards was simply superb.

There was thunderous applause right from Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar to everyone in the auditorium and it was spontaneous.

Had the younger lot of artists arrived on that evening it would have been a lesson for them for delivery of dialogues and modulation of voice!

The third year S.P.Varadaraju award evening bestowed on Shani Mahadevappa and Smt.Sarojamma Duttargi was meaningful and memorable in many ways. That is the caliber and approach of a stalwart like Prof.Baraguru Ramachandrappa who heads the S.P.Varadaraju Athmeeyara Balaga.

Receiving the award for long presence and service on stage Smt.Sarojamma Duttargi at the age of 72 years with ill health came down from Koppala made a pertinent observation that ‘BHAKTHI, THAPASSU, BHAYA AND SHRADDE’ are prominent factors for an artist. If one has these four qualities then he need not fear the God said Sarojamma Duttargi.

Recalling her association with Dr.Raj when she was 12 years of age after Dr.Raj left Gubbi Company to accept ‘Bedara Kannappa’ the 72 years old Sarojamma said after hearing that she is getting this award she became a child of 12 years. Even today my admiration to Dr.Rajakumar has not come down a little. That is because of his qualities and abilities. ‘I used to recite all the dialogues of Dr.Rajakumar in those days’. Dr.Raj in turn used to practice at least 50 times before a mirror and in front of persons like me to come before the camera. ‘Rangabhoomi Mannalli Samadhi agibidtiddru’! That was the practice he used to make. Today crops are ‘Shanyaru’ they say that they know everything chided the respected Sarojamma Duttargi. It was the stage play ‘Sampathi Savaal’ played by Sarojamma Duttargi that Dr.Rajakumar picked for the film of the same title – the dialogues Sarojamma rendered earned the maximum of applaud.

Veteran actor Shani Mahadevappa did not fall behind in expressing his flash with ill health on the one side. ‘Naan Channagi Thindiddene’ in the family of Dr.Rajakumar he often said remembering the calls he used to get for Idli and Gojju. Shani Mahadevappa explained the first play staged at Ravindra Kalakshetra that was attended by persons like Jawarahal Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Nijalingappa and others. They saw the stage play for the first time and were thrilled very much. The flowers they tear made it as petals and threw on all the actors remembered Shani.

Another incident the yesteryears famous Vishwamitra – Shani Mahadevappa remembered was when BD Jatti former Vice President of India appreciating only his role in front of others. Shani taking out make up after the play informed Jatti that he should not appreciate only his role. When Jatti asked why Shani replied ‘Asuye idre Jana Malgiddaga Kal etthak bidthare swamee’ even alerted Jatti. Shani Mahadevappa delivered the episodes of Vishwamitra with a very fine touch and modulation.

The unexpected guest of the evening Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar was also best in her speech. How her grand daughter came up with this invitation the leading lady recalled and said she did not knew such a wonderful evening is done from last three years. My sons did not bring this news to me because I become very emotional she said. However after seeing the invitation I made it to attend the function without fail she said.

Whenever I used to come up with ideas I was contacting Varadaraju recalled Smt.Parvathamma. He was very pet brother of my husband Dr.Rajakumar said Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar.

This award evening without taking help from Dr.Rajakumar family and SP Varadarju family is ‘Sadabiruchi, Samyamadha haagu Viveka Jagrutha goliso program’ said the stalwart professor and authority in Kannada Prof. Baraguru Ramachandrappa. The society and admirers taking up honors is very special among all felt Baraguru.

He also patted Dr.Jayamala for giving ‘Samkrithika Sparsha’ to Kannada cinema for conducting the 75 years Amrutha Mahotsava. Dr.Jayamala need not feel upset. Those who do work only get nasty comments. Amrutha Mahotsava event entered the pages of history opined Baraguru.

‘I have not seen Sri Rama Lakshmana and Seethe’ of Sri Ramayana! But on earth I have seen. That Dr.Rajakumar as Sri Rama, Sri Varadarju as Lakshmana and Smt.Parvathamma Rajakumar as Seetha Mathe opined Dr.Jayamala the President of KFCC at the award evening. I am here today as Jayamala is only because of the Dr.Rajakumar family said Dr.Jayamala.

The secretary of Kannada and Culture Jayaramaraje Urs said he would work honestly to get the facilities for the ill fated artists in his regime.

Dr.Vijaya the renowned journalist honored Shani Mahadevappa and Smt.Sarojamma Duttargi with a grand shawl on the evening.

It was a beautiful anchor work from beautiful looking Vatsala Mohan. The folk songs on the evening was another highlight.

Kudos to SP Varadaraju Athmeeyara Balaga!

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