Posted date: 28/January/2009

The ‘Jambada Hudugi’ of Kannada cinema Priya Hassan is now brimming with happiness and courage in ‘Bindhaas Hudugi’. While Puneeth Rajakumar is Bindhaas boy, Priya Hassan is a ‘Bindhaas Hudugi’ that has completed maximum of shooting according to the plans.

A ting of unhappiness for not receiving the state award for her very tough role and interesting tale in ‘Jambada Hudugi’ Priya Hassan says she is giving a memorandum to the government of Karnataka for considering her film ‘Jambada Hudugi’ that focused on womb transplantation that is for the first time in the history of cinema. That was an experiment in the medical science no one in the award committee noticed it says Priya Hassan. I had expected the award but it went wrong she curses her fortune but still hopeful that government might consider her case. However Priya Hassan is not recommending for any changes in the award but only seeking special mention for her film.

Back to ‘Bindhaas Hudugi’ Priya Hassan has done three stunts scene for this film like a bond and never got injured. ‘Jambada Hudugi’ made the audience to wipe their tears but in ‘Bindhaas Hudugi’ I am giving a full entertainment that makes the audience to go happily after seeing the film.

Ravishanker a Mumbai guy is the hero in ‘Bindhaas Hudugi’ Erra Ramesh has scored the music. There Sharan, Mithra, RG Vijayasarathy, Jayanthi and other in the cast.

I am not expecting any award for ‘Bindhaas Hudugi’ because the subject is like that says Priya Hassan. Her brother Mohan Gowda is the producer of ‘Bindhaas Hudugi’.

The debut film of Priya Hassan that had the direction, production and lead role from Priya Hassan ran for 100 days in some centers of Karnataka.

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