Posted date: 30/November/2010

Drop in the first few days ‘Bisili’ is shining like hide and seek of the cloud. After the reviews and publicity in the television channels the film has picked and media is the only support for us disclosed the first time producer Chandru on his Rs.2.5 crore education.

Without getting the publicity and meeting the right people only from reviews we have been able to get admirable support. The theatres are seeing houseful board is happy news. I concentrated on the film but did not know how to take in the publicity front agreed Chandru.

The support I got for this first time producer banner ‘Bisile’ I could not get for films in which I acted in big banners. This is my first solo hero and people should come more to make this a hit said popular hero today Diganth in his address.

From a bubbly role to a serious kind of role I fit in is what I came to know from this film. There was freedom to be you in front of the camera. The director advised me to be natural. I love this whole team of ‘Bisile’ stated Jennifer Kotwal.

Using the wiper camera I could able to give good results. I was doubtful initially stated cameraman Niranjan Babu. Music director Hari wish to work with the same team again while Sunethra Pandit urged for support what media gives to big films to this kind of films.

Producer Chandru looking slightly happy with the collection announced that he is taking up another film.

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