Posted date: 27/July/2009

At the ‘Cheluvina Chilipili’ audio release of noted and multifaceted personality of Kannada cinema S.Narayan there was humble admission from him as to why he did not meet the media persons for one long year, he urged that we all should grow together and give encouragement to grow should come from media. A producer today is seeing the ‘Nenu Hagga’ when he takes up a film. He pays everyone but waits to get back his investment. In such a scenario I would ask the media to support. I did not had any Kopa when you wrote ‘Cheluvina Chitranna’ or no one should see the film ‘Chaitrada Chandrama’ I have only ‘Besara’ he said. S.Narayan was correct in his statement felt everyone on the dais.

The one who threw the rumble at the ‘CC’ audio release was veteran Dwarakish. He said Narayan should know how to live with the pains from media. ‘Avaru Bareyokka Irodhu’. Avamanavannu Gellabeku he said. At the same function Dwarakish threw ‘Kharapudi’ at the heroes of Kannada cinema. You heroes should make introspection strongly when the films fail. If you increase your bank balance and say I am like ‘Salt’ use me proportionately it is not enough. It is you heroes who would bring the ‘Mannu Mukkuva’ situation to Kannada cinema. Rajanna photoge Haara hakidre saladhu. Rajanna qualities you have to imbibe said Dwarakish. Kannada Chitraranga Belasabekagilla, but Ulisabeku! Producer should be equally responsible. He should know every step of film making. If the film fails the hero should go home and Thale Chachkobeku! Yaaru Madthare! The hero only should stop the wash out. Take good films for less remuneration. Search the real makers, keep passion, if you heroes do not make up ‘ella Halagi Hoguthe’. The hero ‘Gabiyakke’ new producers beku! Yaake? In those days Rajanna gave call sheet to me not to Devar Films that was taking the call sheet of even Rajesh Khanna. Why? He had a strong vision. Today you would get ‘Dodda Kumbalakaayi’ if you don’t mend said Dwarakish.

Ambi fumbled without giving a fitting reply to Dwarakish statement. He had just come when Dwarakish speech began at 11.50 am and said what Dwarakish said should be made as a cassette and he only should release it and give it to all heroes. I am not hero today said the ex Kanwarlal of ‘Antha’. The screen hero looked zeroed down when Dwarakish made piles of allegations. Today the hero on dais is only Pankaj he said.

Sa.Ra.Govindu responsible for reuniting S Narayan and media disclosed the heroes should not give call sheet to ‘Hadhi Beedhi Producers’. Only those who believe in this industry and live should be given call sheet he felt.

Producer, exhibitor and distributor N Kumar said for Narayan the God will always do good things. He urged others to follow the footsteps of S.Narayan.

What was expected from Amrutha Mahotsava time at least the introspection took place on Sunday morning? Who are

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