Posted date: 11/January/2009

The lavishly made, carefully arrived ‘Circus’ Kannada film by director Dayal Padmanabhan that is produced by Dayal Pictures at a whopping Rs.5.5 crores is hitting all over Karnataka on January 15th (a big Pongal Release) in 75 theatres. Dayal is releasing the film on own with 40 prints, 23 UFO and 15 Cube system.

The seven crores of rupees deal which he could arrive has finally made him to release the cinema ‘Circus’. This is the film made with IDBI loan and Dayal will be clearing it soon.

‘Circus’ Dayal hopes to be a bench mark cinema. I am in happiness. The conventional points are told in unconventional style in this entertainer. The beginning days of Ram Gopal Verma style could be seen in this film. I have come fresh with this film and request the media to treat me afresh in their columns said Dayal Padmanabhan.

The censor has certified the film with U certificate. In one minute discussion the censor chief said the film ‘Circus’ is a very good experimental entertainer recalled Dayal in his address at Green House Raj Milan on Saturday evening.

Cameraman Shekar Chandru sat in Chennai for 22 days to get the DI for the film. He was extremely happy with the turn out of the film.

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