Posted date: 14/August/2010

Moving on from outdoor unit business of his father for last 55 years in which more than 150 people work Ganesh the producer of Kannada films is dreaming big about his new film ‘Dhandam Dashagunam’.

Sitting on the wooden set prepared for seven days shoot at Chaklihole Dam surroundings Ganesh was in full zoom to speak to the media persons that went to Kushalanagar all the way from Bangalore.

This remake film of ‘Khaka Khaka’ in Kannada is refined in the subject and outdoor locations are another additional value for the film he says.

Rejecting the locations in Srilanka Ganesh came to this serene thick forest area near Dubare Forest in Karnataka for erecting the set. The first set was submerged in water because of excess flow of water. Then again moving a little behind a huge set in wood by art director Mohan B Kere cost him Rs,25 lakhs. When it came to the permission at three departments he had to shell down money for smooth shooting.

Ganesh the maker of films like Devara Maga, Duddu Duddu, Panduranga Vittala, Janumadha Gelathi, Mr Painter, Hey Sararu is keeping hopes on this project that has already completed 38 days shooting. ‘Dhandam Dashagunam’ will be very rich compared to the original he says. He is leaving to Malaysia for three and half songs. The climax he shot in Malpe beach.

On October 15 the Vijayadashami day this Om Sri Chamundeswari Films ‘Dhandam Dashagunam’ is releasing says Ganesh.



The lucky actor Chiranjeevi Sarja while lifting actress Ramya from the ground in one of the scenes at climax portion received a back pain and went unconscious for 10 seconds. After that he was not able to get up for one hour. It happened during the shoot in Malpe beach in Dakshin Kannada.

Chirajeevi Sarja has low back pain and it is from a long time. He has participated in another dangerous stunt and fell down stretching his arms on the right side. He has one more dangerous stunt to perform at this river bank set. He comes out from the set top and lands in a motor boat.

With all such risks Chiranjeevi has decided to take training for one and half months in New York to learn ‘move over’ system for his films.

A great admirer of his uncle Kishore Sarja who died in the last year Chiru has the stamp of his name onhis right hand and to represent his another uncle Arjun he has a national flag imprint.

Vaayuputra, Gandedhe, Chirru and now Dhandam Dashagunam is getting ready and he is luck to star in Aindrita Ray, Ramya, Ragini and Kriti Karbanda as his heroines.

This Vijaya college Bangalore student Chirajeevi Sarja has learnt lessons in acting from his uncle Arjun. Chirajeevi Sarja completed B/com graduation and took up acting at Kishore Namith Kapoor school of acting in Mmmbai.

For any given role move with the people and learn how to put it on screen is the big learning for this learning actor disclosed Chiranjeevi.


The taste of Madesh of Gaja, Ram has not only made to make this bold statement but the continuous query he made with straight subject films made him to sit on the remakes.

Dhandam Dashagunam is a remake but we have not done anything Makki ka Makki. Out strength is more. We have modulated the story to 4o percent kept new five songs, spotted lovely locations for this film he says.

I have eight straight subjects. Completing this film I will be doing another remake ‘Nododigal’ in which Puneeth Rajakumar will be playing one of the three handicaps. Radhika Pandit is likely to be the heroine. Yogish and Srinagara Kitty are the other two in the cast of this film.

With remakes like Gaja and Raam doing well with another remake Dhandam Dashagunam making good score it will be a hat trick for Madesh. In the middle he has Preethse Preethse and yet to release is ‘Kari Chirathe’ starring Vijay, Sharmila Mandre in lead roles.

Coming back to Dhandam Dashagunam Chiranjeevi says there is good tempo of emotions for this film. It was in the original he says.

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