Posted date: 29/June/2010

The debut direction of highly talented and acclaimed director V Shekar ‘Hendthira Darbar’ is going to touch the hearts of the family audience is the feel of the team members – producer GR, Ramesh Aravind and popular actress Meena.

‘I have not done a role like this one before’ said the top South Indian actress Meena beginning the media address as this is her first meeting with media and of course her first film after marriage with software guy Vidyasagar. I have liked the title and the characters picked and the aspiration of middle class to become rich and expensive dream is focused in this film. Ramesh Aravind plays my husband and I am with two children. Sadhu Kokila has given good music. The film is all about the pains of middle class woman who realizes at the end. I am a commanding wife in a nice way in the democratic style. I have done ‘Pellam Chappa Vinali’ that is also V Shekar film in Telugu stated Meena.

Meena has settled down in Banneraghatta Road in Bangalore and her husband Mr Vidyasagar works as software engineer. Meena coming down to Bangalore also means that she will be giving first preference to Kannada films hereafter.

‘Hendthira Darbar’ is not a negative Darbar. This is a positive one. What everyone has to do for the existence in life is focused said producer GR who is also in a prominent role in the film. He is releasing the film in 41 centers and 41 is his lucky number. ‘Hendthira Darbar’ is released on this coming Friday by Jayanna Films. Now my film is in the hands of Jayanna said GR.

18 films to his credit the fifth film of V Shekar to Kannada audience and his first directorial venture in Kannada is a fourteen years old subject but framed well for the present genre. The middle class has to rise up for the constructive society says Shekar from his book of experience. He was the former official of Madras Corporation who used to meet 1000 people every day. Well versed in direction V Shekar was assistant to K Bhagyaraj.

Ramesh Aravind the ever happy looking and good at addressing stated that there is slight improvement in the economy of middle class people today compared to 14 years ago but V Shekar has brilliantly made necessary changes. The film is all about the wishes of wife that is also that of spouse. That’s why the film is beyond time says Ramesh Aravind.

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