Posted date: 7/May/2009

Better late than never actor Vinod Prabhakar thanked the media for the support it extended to him for his role in ‘Navagraha’ and secondly to change his fortunes for better he is adding the initial of his grand father to his name from ‘Hori’ Kannada cinema. He is now Vinod S Prabhakar. S meaning Sunderraj his grand father! The grandfather, father and son name indeed!

What is ‘Hori’ – in Malnad and Dakshin Kannada the meaning for this is quite different to what director Nagendra Magadi Pandu thinks for this Mysore Kannada pocket. ‘Hori’ means ‘Vrushaba’, ‘Ghooli’ the bull, male Ox in English.

In Dakshin Kannada and other Malnad region ‘Hori’ is referred to taking the female ones for mating! Nagendra Magadi Pandu is completely not aware of this additional information and they were perplexed as the new producer Yelachena Halli Linge Gowda was looking perplexed with a towel on his shoulder. That was the media briefing on Wednesday at Kanteerava studios.

The ambition of producer Linge Gowda a real estate businessman from KBS group is that he wants to do a good cinema keeping Vinod Prabhakar. We have to extract what we had seen in Tiger Prabhakar his father said Gowdru while Vinod Prabhakar was twisting his moustache. Gowdru intends to complete this film in Rs.3 crores and if it is Rs.50 lakhs more he never minds.

This ‘Hori’ has two ‘Poris’! One is Gowri Munjal who is the opponent to the hero character like Doddanna and Adhi Lokesh. The other ‘Pori’ Ramanithu Chaudhary was not present for the muhurut.

The comedy, flash back and twists in the screenplay are the highlights of this film. Vinod S Prabhakar has only two fights but the role is very forceful. The entire film happens in the village backdrop. Ramnarayan is writing four songs and assisting in the story and screenplay department.

Renukumar of Renu Studio is confident that two mass and four variety songs are going to be super hit. After doing music for this film and news spreading out on the quality he has got three offers in Kannada. According to him non Kannada singers today is the demand of the audio houses. For marketing it helps he said.

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