Posted date: 21/October/2008

Every one has a different house and the one on earth is just like that! This is what Sri Purandaradasa saint said in one of his poems. Catching the title ‘Illiruvudhu Summane’ the ZEE TV Kannada is forging ahead from 30th of this month in giving a new feel, atmosphere and current developments interspersed with globalization in the leadership of efficient director Prakash Belawadi. Belawadi returns to small screen after tasting very good popularity from ‘Garva’ which he directed seven years ago for ETV Kannada. Prakash directed ‘Stumble’ an English film and directed number of plays in Kannada and English is now taking up a meaningful subject with different style in narration in ‘Illiruvudhu Summane’.

Had I not got the cooperation from Paramesh Gundkal I would not have take up this television serial says Belawadi addressing the media. For Manirathnam it was not accidental to direct his first film in Kannada (Pallavi Anupallavi). He had in his mind the acceptance given here would be applicable everywhere. Kannada audiences have never given up quality based programs either it is in big or small screen opined Belawadi.

This is based on ‘Kashiyalli Kandaddenu’ novel of Saritha Kusmakar Desai that was in the kitty of KSL Swamee for a long time that finally saw the light of the day in the chamber of ZEE TV fiction head Paramesh Gundkal. Paramesh heeding to the call made by KSL Swamee wanted to make this a special television serial for ZEE TV that is today ready to hit the screen on 30th of October at 8 pm in the channel. ‘Illiruvudhu Summane’ will be best among the 57 television serials on air for the Kannada audiences. The transition period, the days of going to court by 60 plus turned parents for not looking after by children is the pathetic stage around us. With the novel of Saritha Kusmakar Desai what good thing Prakash Belawadi had done is that he made it look brilliant on screen. The aspect of Belawadi that whatever we do should not hurt the Kannada audience is a good factor says Paramesh.

Swameegalu is impressed with both Paramesh and Belwadi. This is the subject which he had discussed for a long time. It had made around with many people. But what has transformed 45 days ago is something different and turned very special in my life. I had in fact wanted to do this with either KS Ashwath or Lokanath but finally it has landed to me to perform. Swamee lauded the patience, attitude and strength in Prakash Belawadi who had given a new dimension to the subject adding up latest developments around us. This television serial should become Adbutha. Everyone should see it and media has to give a special report says Swamee who has immensely liked the script and serial.

Pallavi, Gauri Dhattu, Sumeru, Nanda Kumar S, choodamani, Harish Seshadri, Veena Appaiah, Prakash Iyengar, Smitha chakravarthi, Gauri Dathu, Ravi Kumar, Anand S. NC Anand, Sneha Koppanna, Vishika Hegde, Swathi Adiga are in the cast of ‘Illiruvudhu Summane’.

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