Posted date: 9/June/2009

S.V.Productions ‘Josh’ is going rock steady with series of films coming and going in the last nine weeks. The collection in six theatres at Bangalore, Shimoga, Gulbarga, Mysore and Hubli is 70 to 80 percent and the rural belt has not been touched yet says director Shivamani on his career best film ‘Josh’.

A film of ‘Josh’ stature requires what kind of publicity and push – director Shivamani and SV Babu the producer have written a new rule in the books. A film with no recognized heroes and with a committed subject that is very relevant to the society the carrying of the film on the shoulders throughout Karnataka is the best choice before us says Shivamani. The effort after the cinema is made is more only in the case of ‘Josh’ and none other so far proudly informs Shivamani.

The interaction sessions held in Bangalore, Mysore plus in Udaya TV are now extended to Gulbarga, Shimoga, Hubli and other places. In Hubli in the fourth week of June the ‘Samvadha’ is contemplated says Shivamani.

On not getting the rousing welcome and speedy collection for this new comer cinema Shivamani feels the people have been cheated with low quality films especially after the ‘Mungaru Male’ and ‘Dhuniya’. How much of good has happened from those two films similar scale of bad repercussion is also meted out by the Kannada cinema industry. Otherwise a film like ‘Josh’ that got rave reviews would not have trailed behind he adds.

With the six prints in circulation ‘Josh’ is going so well and after minus of the theatre rent the share for the producer is coming regularly. The film like ‘Josh’ is heavily discussed in many parts of Karnataka. In the ‘Samvadha’ programs the questions raised by people are answered among themselves.

A youngster in Mysore asked the Vishnu character to fix an engine to his vehicle so that he can ride super fat. Another viewer of ‘Josh’ demanded statement from Shivamani that love blossom only after long friendship. Because he wanted to see his case cleared. Yet another in the inter action session said to Shivamani that he is not 40 plus but 20 in age. The audience have involved in the contents of the cinema is a major scoring of this film ‘Josh’ is what Shivamani aims to declare.

Shivamani better late than never now salutes his ‘Guru’ Shanker Nag. In his career as assistant director he made subject of ‘Golibaar’ keeping in mind Shanker Nag and Arundhathi. Unfortunately he could get only Arundhati Nag for that film. It is because of the affection he has for Shanker Nag the 25 years old song Jothe Jotheyali….is kept for this film ‘Josh’ with some retuning.

Meanwhile ‘Josh’ is releasing in United States of America and other places. Nearly 30 films in the career and now finding a new ‘Josh’ in his life director Shivamani says the producer is safe is all ways. He has three subjects and one of which producer SV Babu is aiming to do with the same cast of ‘Josh’. That will be only after ‘Ashada Masa’.

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