Posted date: 30/March/2009

The prestigious Shanmukhananda Hall for a singer from Karnataka to give three hours program was like Kanadha Kadalu….it is now turning reality. C.Ashwath gets the kudos of every Kannadiga for making it. Haadu Haleyadhadarenu heluvavaru halabaradernu Bhava Navanaveena….

Amurtha Mahotsava…Kannada cinema has just completed and Karnataka Sangha Mumbai is also celebrating Amrutha Mahotsava….and now C.Ashwath Amrutha Vahiniyondu hariyuthidhe…..manavana edeyinda edege satatha…..

Come April 19th at Shanmukhananda Hall from 6 pm till 9.30 pm the famous poets of Kannada literature songs will be sung by C.Aswath with his accompaniment from Bangalore to thrill the 2800 attendance in which nearly 200 are top dignitaries that include Javed Akthar Saab.

This is the first offer for a Kannadiga to sing at packed hall of Shanmukhananda Hall – a mega musical evening of C.Ashwath in Mumbai. Karnataka Sangha Mumbai the 75 years old cultural bridge between Kannada and Marathi since its inception is taking care of the main responsibility.

C.Ashwath with other mellifluous singers like MD Pallavi, Supriya and Mangala will sing 23 songs and one special song will be rendered by Smt.Sangeetha Katti. Three base voices will be Kikkeri, Vinaykumar and Ravi. The program starts off with a Nada Geethe Jayabharatha Jananiya Thanujaathe…..

‘This is Kannada Seve’ and very proud moment for me to sing at Shanmukhananda Hall says C.Ashwath who is having 10 violinists and 11 other different instruments. Starting from Mumbai the Ashwath Yana will move to Delhi, Kolkota, Chennai, Hyderabad and other places.

ETV Soori has prepared a special book to give introduction to C.Ashwath for the occasion and it is supported by lyrics of great poets of Kannada and English meaning. This would help the listeners to know more about the song says Ashwath.

Conducting this mega musical evening money is important but there has been encouraging response from various quarters. The 54 members team is leaving by Spice Jet to this event and returning back. On 18th Ashwath has flood of people to attend.

Manohar Koray President of Karnataka Sangha, Mumbai, Vice President Bharath Kumar Polipu and Kappanna also spoke on the mega musical event taking place at Shanmukhananda Hall, Mumbai.

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