Posted date: 23/November/2010

It was combination of 3 Karthiks! It was Karthika Masa, the title of the film is Karthik and the hero of the film is Karthik! In addition to three Karthik’s there was Swasthik! Swasthik is the audio company that released album of the film.

The audio release of the film ‘Karthik’ was filled with guests and veterans KFCC President Basanth Kumar Patil, Kannada Film Producers Association President KCN Chandrasekhar joined hands in releasing the hands in releasing the album. Umesh Banakar, Muralidhar Halappa, Nanjundi Nagaraj, Ashwini, director of the film Satish Shetty, hero Karthik and Raj Purohit villain of the film were also present.

For Karthik the best of the five is Nee Thandiruve…song shot at Manchana Bale Dam by choreographer Chinni Prakash. Raj Purohit plays the villain a very bad man according to him.

Releasing the audio album Basanthkumar Patil appreciated the Mangaloreans winning nature in all walks of field. Satish Shetty a Mangalorean also into Marathi films means he is an achiever. Marathi films do not copy the other film subjects like how we do in Kannada informed Basanthkumar Patil.

The importance to script and screenplay is very important today. In addition to it the hard work and dedication are quintessential pointed Film Producers Association President KCN Chandrasekhar. With all good efforts only industry can be on winning note he said.

Muralidhar Halappa wished success for the film while Umesh Banakar wish to be part of the 100 days of the film ‘Karthik’. Nanjundi Nagaraj the stunt director felt how easy his job was because of the trained actor in Martial arts Karthik. He has a great future said Nanjundi Nagaraj.

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