Posted date: 3/August/2010

The first time producer Uday Mehtha addressing the media lauded the work of Shashank as he came on the first day saying that he would give a successful film. That is his self confidence and not over confidence! It has happened like that. In all the centers where KLS was released it is touching to 50 days and easily in 10 theatres it would complete 100 days says the tonsured head producer Uday Mehtha.

It is Rs.5 crore earning in 50 days and it would be Rs.10 crores for 100 days if the collections are steady says Uday Mehtha. Mehtha has decided to remake in Telugu with Shashank as director and he will be having a stake in the production. He has not yet finalized on what would be his investment. The artists will be of the choice of Tollywood he stated.

From the success of this film Ajay is benefited in his personal life. His mother is asking him to get up early in the morning to meet people standing outside. They are the new faces to him. They say they have come to look at him. Nearly 30 people I attend everyday and that is the earning from KLS role I have played he says.

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