Posted date: 19/September/2008

Respected Gauri Sunder with pretty good track record and standing from 150 television serials, 300 documentaries, three feature films and 107 book publications has taken up a mega television serial ‘Mahadarshana’ based on Panyam Nataraj Magadi. Karnataka state award winning playback singer Pallavi and Arun have scored the music while Gauri Sunder is doing the screenplay and direction. The shooting is yet to begin and for which television channel it will go on air is not yet decided.

The mega television serial of Raj-Nath Films – produced by Panyam Nataraj Magadi, B.R.Ranganath of Balaji Chitramandira of Magadi has scores of guest artists like Prof.G.Venkatasubbaiah, Prof.K.E.Radhakrishna, Ganesha Desai, V.N.Subba Rao, HG Somasekhara Rao, Dr.Vijaya Subbaraj, A.S.Murthy, Belur Ramamurthy, BS Keshava Rao, NS Sridhara Murthy and others.

In the main lead are KSL Swami, CR Simha, Sunder Raj, Chandrasekhar, Sundara Sri, Gauri Dathu, Pallavi, Kautilya R.Raghu, Panyam Nataraj, Master Arjun and others are acting in ‘Mahadarshana’.

‘Maha Darshana’ is all about the Hindu undivided family that lives on the patriotism, Gandhi, Ambedkar, Kuvempu ethics. As the days advances the decentralization of this family creates havoc. The old man who is like Banyan tree in the house feels sorry for state of affairs of his branches.

At the launch of ‘Maha Darshana’ mega television serial the veteran film K.C.N.Gowda released the book ‘Desi Vs Pardesi’ a humor play written by another veteran playwright A.S.Murthy. ‘Newzealand Madilalli’ a travelogue written by Gauri Sathya published by Sundara Prakashana were released by veteran thinker, philosopher and actor H.G.Somasekhara Rao.

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