Posted date: 5/March/2009

Holding mirror to the society Roopa Iyer done it even before the film
‘Mukha Puta’ – Cover Page cinema on HIV AIDS in Kannada and English
release – that was Wednesday evening at the jam packed Chowdaiah
Memorial Hall.

With dozen plus children affected with HIV AIDS which she considers as
her children brought them on the dais each one holding the audio CD of
‘Mukha Puta’ and made a thundering speech on the status of such
children. Roopa Iyer managing the emotional breaks in her speech put a
straight forward question to the society why these children should
face such a situation in life. The youth should be taught the culture
along with academics she opined.

Responding to the yeomen service of Roopa Iyer on the spot Raghavendra
Rajakumar announced Rs.1 lakh aid, Jaggesh and Vajreshwari Kumar
Rs.50000 and cameraman Aithal Rs.25000 for the medicine and food of
the HIV children.

The top one in the field of medicine – Dr.Satish and Dr.Sunil Narayan
Dut plus two from the cinema music director Hamsalekha and cameraman
Ramachandra Aithal were honored with ‘Dhruva’ awards on this occasion.

Music director Hamsalekha made a pertinent speech on this occasion and
asked those who have sexual life with others use contraceptives
without fail because we don’t want such children in society. This bold
attempt should have been part of the cinema ‘Mukhaputa’ observed

Compliments showered on Roopa Iyer by all the speakers later on.

There was unanimous sympathy from all the speakers on this occasion.
Actors Premkumar, Dharma, Shivadwaj, Naveen Krishna, Gurudut,
Indhudhar, Anand Audio Mohan showed support for the cause of Roopa

The audio release was also mixed with grandeur called fashion show
that was sponsored by KSIC the prestigious silk saree makers of
Karnataka. It was a part of ‘Santoor Mr and Miss Sandalwood 2009’.
This event is also a medium to promote the cause of HIV positive as
well as differently disabled children who are beautiful in their own

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