Posted date: 25/June/2010

Loving the project immensely and putting every penny he has for the film ‘Cheluveye Ninne Nodalu’ shot in the Seven Wonders of the World producer NM Suresh spoke from his heart on Wednesday afternoon after screening three songs of the film at Renukamba digital theatre.

I am alone putting all my belongings to the cinema. If I have to stand I have to win he said calling upon the people of Karnataka and Kannadigas to see his film. I am happy and confident as the film has come out well. My little daughter Sahana is feeling proud, my wife and family members are extremely happy with the outcome. Suresh should win is the present call!

The nice outcome of the film made NM Suresh to sleep properly. Have I done this film he is questioning to him?

Director in the debut Raghuram accepting that this film demanded three times more of the calculated budget and DI work taking 40 days is very confident guy for the content and quality of the film. I have not done an iota of cheating for this project he said.
This is the film to have a ‘Blog’ with Airtel tie up and 140 theatres all over Karnataka the film ‘CNN’ will be released says Raghuram.

The beauty of love is how happy you are in it. This is the crux of the film of Never Mind Suresh production says hat trick hero Shivarajakumar. It is not an ordinary film but a huge canvas film says Shivanna.

Veteran actor still looking young Chandrasekhar of Edakallu Guddada Mele says the great effort has to give great results.

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