Posted date: 1/November/2008

The duo directors - Velupriyan and Santosh holding a very tight script and screenplay have some elements for the youths and to the society. Good support from first time producer Ashok makes an interesting film.

Abhi (Rahul) is Tharle with affluence. He is like a playboy catches the beautiful girls and leaves them like butterfly later on. This is what Sahana (Keerthi) the main trouble for her as she is eager to take care of ageing parents and physically handicap brother. She is immensely liked by two youths Abhi and Harsha. But it is Abhi who torture her and that leads to various complications. We have Thanmayi immensely fallen in love with Abhi but the past of Abhi she is not aware. Even after knowing it from Sahana who is hell bent in teaching a lesson to Abhi she loves the ‘Rascal’ Abhi. But that is only after the destiny teaching Abhi a lesson. Harsha walks in the rain with an umbrella to Sahana.
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