Posted date: 28/December/2008

Do you remember the song Nee Bandhu Nintaga Nintu Nee Nakkaga Sothe Na Aaga…..the opening few words of this famous song of Dr.Rajakumar film is the title of Saurav, Jothikasri and Ramya Barne starring Kannada film ‘Nee Bandhu Nintaga’ a joint production of two real estate business personalities Anand of Mysore, Balakrishna Reddy and cameraman of the film Mathew Rajan is ready.

A pop singer losing everything in life with two beautiful heroines is the crux of the film. The hero Saurav comes to the situation of zero – the orphan comes to the orphaned situation after seeing phase of steep height in life. This is a beautiful film for me disclosed Saurav.

The Tamil speaking Saravanan who worked with Doss, Shafi and a Kannada film Nidhi he associated is independently handling the subject he has derived from his imagination. Indrajith the newcomer a sound engineer by profession is scoring music for his first Kannada cinema. He also does not know the language but lyricist Ramnarayan has helped him to know the beauty of Kannada language.

For the first time cameraman Mathew Rajan has invested his earnings for this film. I have done the lighting according to the mood of the scenes informed Mathew Rajan.

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