Posted date: 30/January/2009

The ‘America America’ Kannada cinema heroine Hema Panchamukhi is grown out of proportion in her physique and also in her professional life keeping away from the cinema from last eight years.

Hema Panchamukhi is a mother too of a girl child and leading a happy life with her husband Mr Suimeendra. She is teaching dance for nearly 150 plus one children. The 151st is her child.

What is interesting news from this lady with intelligent, get going nature is that she has taken up two programs on stage – dance drama. One is Hari Sarvothamma and the other one ‘Aham Namamami’. ‘Hari Sarvothamma’ she is preparing with 80 children that focus on the Madhwa philosophy.

In ‘Aham Namami’ Hema fitting to her affix Panchamukhi is focusing on five gods – Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, Parvathi and Ganesha in the unique style of dance drama. She is organizing one month workshop to finally bring it on stage.

We remember Yava Mohana Murali Kareyithu…..the song for Hema Panchamukhi and Ramesh Aravind in the film ‘America America’ leaving the Abbainaidu studio where the media met her. In fact the ring tone in Hema’s mobile is the same song we have mentioned.

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