Posted date: 30/March/2009

Debacle, success and debacle – the result of three films of AMR Ramesh in Santosha, Cynide and Minchina Ota now makes him to bank on his own money for his own script in his own style the fourth film that is made in Kannada and Tamil.

The Kannada version is called ‘Police Quarters’ while Tamil version ‘Kavalur Kudi’ that also has the separate print shot simultaneously will be full of fun, love, action and sentiment.

This film is based on an incident happened in 1992 where a key personality is missing out till today in real life. AMR Ramesh has made a script for this film based on that incident and attaching the Babri Masjid episode. He is shooting in real locales.

The 1968 locale required for him in CAR quarters is made use for 15 percent of the film and the rest in natural locations with no sets to give real feel to the cinema. The entire film in two languages will be shot in 50 – 55 days.

Anil Thejeswar who appeared in Nam Aereadal Ondina Kannada film is appearing with Sonu who is in her fourth film. Sharanya is common both the languages.

Dwarakanath is using the super 16 mm camera for the film that requires a budget of Rs.2.5 crores. Doing this kind of role was in my mind and it is an impressive film says Sonu who is now in to Tamil films as Shruthi.

Anil Thejeswar was about to divulge the story of the film but he was stopped by director Ramesh. He plays a thief in this film.

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