Posted date: 23/August/2009

From the speeches made by the team members of ‘Prem Kahani’ they are confident of good results. Everyone had seen the success after watching the first copy. That should be the confidence of every film maker.

A film by Sri Lakshmi Balaji Productions KM Vishwanath and G Ravikumar is now ready with U certificate from the censor is waiting to hit the screen either in the second or third week of September. According to Ms Prathibha the film is a good baby waiting to get nourished from media and people. For the delivery of the good baby we have given everything says Pratibha. The step taken is very right, the screenplay, start to end narration would touch the hearts. Every audience would relate to his heart says confident Pratibhaji.

Actor Ajay has already seen the legendary qualities in the cinema. The visuals, lavishness, making are grand and two eyes are not enough says Ajay. This is like a cool breeze of emotions and audience would carry the emotions says Ajay.

Cameraman Chandrasekhar is of the opinion that 50 percent of the film is shot in real locations. The slums in Rajajinagar and BEL were used with a little alternation. The super 35 mm camera with additional 10 mm lens gives a huge feel says Chandrasekhar.

We wanted to release the film on 31st of July but the DI required demanded one month work. In addition to it the big films were up for release says R Chandru the proud director of his second film ‘Prem Kahani’. The husband come for this film the wife is taken again and vice versa. The producers and families did not speak for 15 minutes after watching the cinema. They were so speechless on the contents explained Chandru. I have picked the happening when I was in 10th standard. The runaway lovers later found and their trauma is part of the film. what happened to the justice formed in front of the temple when they ran away pointed R Chandru.

Sheela of Paragu fame says this film is different from her earlier films. It is emotionally heavy she explained. The second half is with lot of turns and interesting felt Sheena.

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