Posted date: 27/October/2009

From November 2 in Zee Kannada television serial those who laugh at 7.30 pm to 8pm have to reserve their laughing capability for 10.30 pm when they switch on the same television serial. One is for ‘Purandara Vittala’ and the other one for ‘Parvathi Parameshwara’ two laugh riots sure to shoot up audience age limit as laughter is good for health. It recharges the life and pumping of blood is smooth according to doctors.

At the 137th episode of ‘PP’ a ‘PV’ comes is an addition responsibility I am confident of carrying it said Sihikahi Chandru the chief director and concept designer for ‘PV’.

Nagisidvi, alisidvi, kunisidvi and now again Nagisthiddivi said Shekar chief of Zee Kannada channel addressing the media and gathering.

‘PV’ is starring Sihikahi Geetha and Jahangir with Jayamma, Srinath Vashishta, Satish Chandra, Manjunath Jambe, Jyothi Arya, Megasri Bagavathar. Munijanapada is the episode director. V Manohar has written the lyrics and done music for the title song sung by Shanker Shanbag.


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