Posted date: 22/January/2009

While the life sketch of Karnataka Rathna Kuvempu is a welcomed throughout the state and elsewhere in the form of a Kannada cinema ‘Rasarishi Kuvempu’ - the film that has completed 80 percent of shoot is going to be a musical treat too from 100 plus Kannada films music director V.Manohar. The songs are picked from Kuvempu poems that are already richly popular. This film said to be ‘Connecting back to Roots’ is directed by Rithwik Simha and produced by software guy Aravind P. CEO of Enterprise Entertainment.

O Nanna Chetana Aagu Ni Aniketana…..is rendered by famous Carnatic classical singer R.K.Padmanabhan in the Revathi Raaga. This is the entry of the vocalist for the first time in cinema.

The song Baa Chakori Chandramanchake….. (Used in unreleased ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ Kannada film sung by Rajesh Krishnan) is sung by Vijayaprakash and this romantic song will be performed by eminent Nirupama Rajesh in the Kathak style.

The Kindarajogi song of Kuvempu…is choreographed by Karnataka’s best troupe Prabhat Kalavidaru and it is handled by actress Hema Panchamukhi with number of children. The highlight of this song is that superstar Upendra is rendering the dialogues in between the song.

The national award winning singer for ‘Kaadu Kudhre Odi Bandaithe….. Shimoga Subbanna who has popularized Anandamaya….song – the same song is retained for the film.

Yet another full length song on nature is sung by Rajesh Krishnan. There are six songs eight bits and interesting anecdotes.

As a child Puttappa (Kuvempu) fascinated with Hanumantha that comes in the Thorave Ramayana… a bit of this episode is rendered in prose format by M.S.Prakash the husband of famous light music singer Rathnamala Prakash. In another episode in his room in Mysore with mouth watering Masala Dosai plate before him Kuvempu had written a song on the childhood of Lord Krishna in English is also a part of this film.

Besides such lovely songs there is interesting episode in the film. The educated Kuvempu is taken by Ramanna Gowda to name the child when he was 17 years of age. It was naming ceremony of just born female child - Kuvempu names the child as Hemavathi – that is somewhere during 1920-30’s. A strange coincidence is that after 16 years the baby which he named becomes his wife in real life remembers C.R.Simha who is in the role of Kuvempu.

Master Anil is playing the childhood of Kuvempu, Harish of Prabhat Kalavidaru (who is Kannada film actor and Sri Rama in RNJ’s ‘Ramayana’ – stalled because of RNJ death) is playing the young Kuvempu and after 45 years of age C.R.Simha the veteran stage actor, film actor, orator, writer appears on the screen.

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