Posted date: 1/February/2009

Life is short make it sweet is often said. Yet the life is miserable for many. For many they are neglected even after death in the mortuaries. For such persons we have around us Mahadeva the neglected body cremator. He comes in the nick of the time and solves the crucial problem.

A film orphaned body final rites Mahadeva – not a story but rare life experience the procession of humanity by Saarathi Nath creators that says service to humanity is service to God is directed by debutant K Parthasaarathi. K Raghunath is the executive producer.

Kashi, Padma Vasanthi, Suchendra Prasad, Venu, Ashwath Ninasam, Venkat Rao, Rajeswari, Shanker and Gova Dattu are in the main roles. JM Prahallad has written lyrics and dialogues Sadguna and Nagesh are music directors. Elukote Chandru is the cameraman.

There were some frank opinions on the making of the film after the preview of the film ‘Samskaravantha’ by directors P Seshadri and BS Lingadevaru. Seshadri felt the improvement is needed in music and sub titling while Lingadevaru agreed to it lauded the documentary turning out a film is a difficult task made easy by the director.

Balakrishna Kakkatkar who made two episodes in his ‘crime story’ for satellite channel explained the humbleness and good nature of Mahadeva when he sought a luggage auto to shift the unclaimed bodies in his real life is his professional high thinking. He also expressed the Anatha Shava vehicle coming and standing in front of his house created a sort of disturbance to him laughing at the episode.

Praveen son of Mahadeva would like to continue the profession of cremating the unclaimed bodies what his father is doing. I have the satisfaction of doing it he said. Wife of Mahadeva Smt.Pushpalatha happily announced even another child shows interest in doing the profession of her husband she is ready to give the nod.

Popular actor Kashi, Sanketh Kashi plays what Mahadeva does in real life in the film ‘Samskaravantha’. This is an eye opener film.

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