Posted date: 21/March/2009

Such a mammoth poster that has come up at Cauvery Private property place just to Petrol Bunk after Sujatha theatre signal! That is the attraction of ‘Seena’ Kannada film produced S.Murali and D.Kuppuraj in the direction of debutant Basavaraja Bellary.

Today the marketing of the film is rather very important. The 110x60 feet cut out in vinyl format for ‘Seena’ starring Tarun, Priyanka Chandra and Anatara Reddy is not missing any eyes that pass this vital junction. The monthly rent and erection charges of this mammoth size poster that is for the first time in Kannada cinema history would touch Rs.5 lakhs for the producers.

Nearly 20 persons have worked on this poster erection and setting up of 10 lights. For 12 hour the 10 high range bulbs give a good look to ‘Seena’ poster dusk to dawn.

The 60x40 posters of ‘Seena’ are coming up in 40 places in Bangalore and 20x20 poster four each in districts of Karnataka is planned.

Director of the film Basavaraja Bellary speaking exclusively to this popular cinema portal said the film is hitting the screens on April 10th and all preparations have been made now. The humble producers Murali and Kuppuraj would like to share the profit earned with the orphan houses explained Basavaraj who claims that the film has come out in the Telugu and Tamil range. There are good action, comedy and mass appealing elements in this film. The audio CD of the film is rocking in the villages too according to the sources says Basavaraj.

Meanwhile Basavaraja Bellary has completed ‘Jopaana’ that he has started earlier. The change of producers from Srinivas and Ravi to Srinivasa Reddy and Srinivasa Shetty has solved the financial problems of this shoe string budget. The film ‘Jopaana’ is at the editing table. Nisha Shetty and Pradip are in the lead cast of ‘Jopaana’.

The next project of Basavaraja Bellary is in June. This is a love subject he says.


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