Posted date: 27/February/2009

It is like buying the ticket after the train leaving the platform for debutant director Manju Swaraj. After preparing everything he is asking the opinion. There is no point in this and those who are close to him like his uncle Krishne Gowda would trumpet the work and friends would appreciate him.

Instead of this Manju Swaraj could have asked the opinions ala Naushad Saab style from the public on the quality of lyrics and tuning capacity of Ajanish Lokesh. The media was also given six sheet lyric sheets to explain the opinion that did not work out for Manju Swaraj.

Those who gave opinion on the quality of songs were Krishne Gowda, Veena Varuni the famous Veena exponent, music director V.Manohar, actress Prema and journalist AS Murthy.

There are three well sung songs in ‘Shishira’ and Ajanish Lokesh is a music director of the coming days.

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