Posted date: 13/January/2009

The passion and affection on the product is very important to carry forward in any profession. The Pai group has such set of mind in its diversification in business. The debut film of SJP combines ‘Shivamani’ is very affectionately carried out from the day one by young Pai – Ajai Pai.

On the eve of release of the film ‘Shivamani’ starring Sri Murali and charming Sharmila Mandre Ajai Pai explained that the 40 member’s team of Pai group of hotels has been formed sometime ago to create awareness of the film in the nook and corner of Karnataka. The same team will be working in Bangalore from three days before release says Pai at the Green House Raj Milan on Monday evening.

This time Ajai Pai took a different aspect to highlight the film ‘Shivamani’. Every viewer of this film should not miss the first ten minutes and last 15 minutes of the film. I had the experience when my friend came 15 minutes to the film at the premier we had. He was not able to understand and asking questions to me. Based on this experience I am making this request stated Pai. Starting from Srimurali he narrated the caliber of artists in the film. As an action star from this film Sri Murali will be giving a Sankranthi festival feast for the audience. Shobaraj has two different get ups. You would not know the second one so easily he says.

With 45 centers and Tribhuvan is the main theatre in Bangalore the film is releasing on this Friday. Veera Samarth has scored the music. Sri Venkat is the cameraman. Suresh Urs has edited the film. Anal Urs has composed the stunts.

Director S.K. Amaranath absent to the grand audio release surfaced at the pre release film media meet and said he was not absolutely well to attend the earlier function. He is extremely happy with the producer Ajai Pai involvement and passion in the film making and its presentation. I have retained the words what I have said. Producer like SJP creations should flourish and make more films in Kannada he wished.

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