Posted date: 9/February/2009

Ramesh Aravind not only knows how to make it worth watching but also worth hearing. The songs in ‘Venkata in Sankata’ are peppy, melodious well rendered and tuned by Rickey Kej who gave striking performance in his debut film ‘Accident’.

In ‘Venkata in Sankata’ a fun film by Ramesh Aravind for Sinema House the song Nodutha Noduatha Nodu Enagidhe Kannu Mathadidhe Nodutha Nodutha Moodu Joragidhe…of 3 minutes 55 second duration written by Jayantha Kaikini and sung by Naresh Iyer and Chytra is the beauty among all.

The first song title song Venkata Namma Yee Venkata always in Sankata of four minutes duration sung by Avinash Chebbi has very good modulation of the voice. The mixing of voice and tunes in this fast song are very good.

Koogi Kuniyona….sung by Avinash and Chytra is a jolly song

Kanasa Neneso Malege….another song on rain written by Kaviraj and sung by MD Pallavi is very melodious. This four minutes 42 seconds song is meaningful – preethisuva Jeeva jotheiruvaga anuraga jotheyolage…..chitapata chitapata male haniyu edeyoge kuni kuni kunidhaduthidhe….even the chorus singers add extra dimension to the song.

All the songs arranged, recorded and mastered by Rickey Kej at Ravelution Studios. English lyrics by Rickey Kej and Devan Akkambaram.

Anand Audio has released this album with very attractive inlay card of ‘Venkata in Sankata’.

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