Posted date: 24/March/2010

The concept of Kannada film ‘Vinayaka Geleyara Balaga’ is what struck two persons at the same time. Firstly it was Suresh of Udaya TV who narrated his script to a few friends that also include Malavalli Saikrishna. Then it was similar story heard from director and lyricist Dr Nagendra Prasad that shocked Suresh and team. Malavalli Saikrishna was also in the team of Dr Nagendra Prasad has lead to suspicion of that is almost ‘Kabbaddi’ Kannada film controversy.

Now things are clear says intelligent and shrewd Nagendra Prasad speaking to this correspondent. He invited Suresh and his team to narrate his script. The main thread was similar but screenplay made by Nagendra Prasad is different was the confirmation.

With the root clear now director Nagendra Prasad also famous lyricist has got confirmation of very good actor Vijaya Raghavendra and waiting for the approval from lovely Amoolya.

Nagendra Prasad is launching the film in the first week of May and releasing the film at the right time that September 9 two days prior to September 11 the Ganesha Chaturthi.

The similar ideas striking two or more is common. For Nagendra Prasad when he watched ‘Varsham’ he said to his heart his story is made by someone else. He kept quiet.

Nearing to 1000 song sin his career from ‘Chitra’ Kannada film Nagendra Prasad directed ‘Nalla’ first in the lead role of Sudeep. He directed a film starring Aditya ‘Ambi’ before taking up the devastating ‘Meghave Meghave’.

Nagendra Prasad is directing ‘Punyavantha’ the 101 film of hat trick hero Shivarajakumar.

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