Posted date: 12/March/2011

Improper planning and not informing the speakers earlier time allotted plus one hour forty minutes delay lack of arrangements for the spectators marred the 2nd Vishwa Kannada Sammelana inaugural event held on Friday evening.
At the Jilla Kittur Rani Chennamma ground the only huge place in Belgaum was small in place to this kind of mammoth function. Shashidhar Adapa and his assistant Ravish with number of workers have at last won because the stage did not crumble with nearly 350 on the dais throughout the nine hours event.
We give you some of the bottlenecks of this Vishwa Kannada Sammelana:

  • It was a dust filled Belgaum city the rendezvous for the second Vishwa Kannada Sammelana that is coming up after 26 years.
  • The organizers did not use the common sense of applying water at the places well in advance to avoid the dust from movement of vehicles and people walking round. Is this probably because the Belgaum manor resigned a day earlier.
  • The first commotion at the venue was when people were asked to sit at the vacant space opposite to the dais. Hundreds of people came holding the chair and the dust went up. Police had to apply mild lathi charge at this place.
  • On the right side of the huge dais the gate crash was common. Every time the VVIP vehicles got inside hundreds of people waiting outside forcibly entered. There was lack of police personnel at this point of time.
  • With or without passes people could get it and it was 75000 crowds was the estimation at the playground that could accommodate 55000 people.
  • The two wide screens in front of the stage were not well planned. Had the same screens erected at other points the crowd could have closely watched the event on dais.
  • The lathi charge was common sight at the right side of the stage where the huge gate giving entry to biggies.
  • Two women in the process to get inside fell down and they were saved from stampede.
  • When Goru Channabasappa came near the gate there was some heated exchange. When Siddaramaiah came he took everyone to task and shouted like Ambarish and got inside.
  • The craze ballooned up at 6.40 the arrival of the Aishwaraya Rai. All the cultural events participants and their members behind the stage came with costumes to see. The huge crowd said Aishu Aishu….and she had to wave at them acknowledging it.
  • A few of the Bharatanatyam costume wearing participants stood on the chairs to take a look at Aishwaraya. Finally when one stage attendant came for that chair saying Aishu wants a chair there was happiness in the participants. A few came to clean up the chair for Aishwaraya but the one who came took the chair on the head and carried it.
  • The biggest mistake was giving ample time to speakers – IM Vittala Murthy, Narayana Murthy, Anantha Murthy, Captain Gopinath, Dr GSS, Ambarish (left after his speech at 8.10 pm), Siddaramaiah, Anil Kumpe, Neeraj Patil, BR Shetty, UK Kannada Sangha Bhanumathi, Chief Minister took lot of time that tested the patience of the spectators.
  • Dr KS Nissar Ahmed refused to take the mike when he was allowed to speak only two words. The anchors Aparna and Shanke Prakash understanding the consequences gave the mike again. Dr Nissar Ahmed read out the poem he had written for the occasion.
  • Only IM Vittala Murthy and Karnataka Chief Minister expressed grief for the massive earthquake at Japan.
  • When Aishwarya Rai took the mike the whistle and clap was too much and it was the highest acknowledgement from the crowd.
  • Slip of the tongue Aishwaraya Rai addressed Yedeyurappa for chief minister erupted laughter in a few.
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