Posted date: 15/December/2008

From start to end in life we see different people and experience different things – this Sambandha and Anubhava forms the crux of Final Cut Productions mega television serial ‘Badhuku Mayeya Aata’. ‘Men may come and go I go on for ever’ is what the statement says. In this ‘Badhuku Mayeya Aata’ that is hitting the small screen in ETV Kannada Sihikahi Chandru is showcasing different experiences he had seen, heard and read in his life with writers like Janaki Vishwanath, MS Narasimha Murthy and Raju Kambara.

The first story of 50 minutes that last for three and half episodes was telecast on Saturday evening for the media. The transition in life Final Cut is showcasing in its 75 stories that last for nearly 300 plus episodes from Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm in ETV Kannada.

Drawing from popular comedy serials like Papa Pandu, Silli Lalli, Yakying Adthiro, Pandu I Love, Yadwa Tadwa the Final Cut is poised to make the audience cry in this television serial. ‘I was crying while making laughing televisions serials. Now I am laughing and audiences are going to cry by looking at the television serial’ says Chandr opening up the reality. However he has picked only real life incidents and added some tolerable color to it.

The title song written by music director V.Manohar explains the reality of life – when happiness comes in life it is like guest. When sorrows come in life it is companion of life – similar to one and only song sung by Mohammad Rafi in Kannada Nee Nelli Nadave Doora….Aluvaga yaaru illa nentaru Naguvaga ella nentaru…..

In the story production team of Final Cut Productions are Janaki Vishwanath, MS Narasimha Murthy, Raju Kambara and Sihikahi Chandru.

Sihikahi Geetha, Master Kiran, Suchitra, Shanker Ashwath, Keerthiraj, Rajesh, Manasa, Sindhu Chetan, Shringa, Akshay, Srinath Vashista, Padmaja Rao, Sunethra Pandit, Deepu, Jayasheela are in the cast of ‘Badhuku Mayeya Aata’.

Ranganath Partha is the director and Sihikahi Chandru is the creative head.

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