Posted date: 14/January/2009

Confused? You must be wondering when this film ‘Venkata in Sankata’ get released. Wait. We are talking about the 100 days the film had taken to complete the shooting. By looking at the zeal of the team ‘Venkata in Sankata’ is definitely going to reach the zenith of 100 days. Such feeling has come for the media on last Monday evening at KSCA Club mainly because of the actor cum director Ramesh Aravind and new producer Naresh Magalani.

The gentleman actor cum director Ramesh Aravind had special praise for senior journalist of Printers Mysore Private Limited Mr MK Bhasker Rao for doing the Prime Minister role with aplomb. The media friends were thrilled with such praise for the knowledgeable colleague. In his address Mr Bhasker Rao thanked his fortune for doing a very powerful role after 37 years of professional life in journalism. I was thrilled while working for this role because Ramesh and team is so learned and decent compliment senior colleague.

Producer Naresh Magalani waving at his relatives and making right speech at the right time said he had fabulous experience working with Ramesh Aravind. ‘Venkata in Sankata’ is a good product. The whole frame work is good and god should bless he hoped.

The state award winner in the recent film awards Umasri plays the inspector role in ‘Venkata in Sankata’. She had special praise from all the members of the team on this occasion.

There was some funny coining at the media meet besides the ‘Jambe’ drum beating that was made even by the media friends too forgetting their profession for a while.

The best weight reducer is producer Naresh Magalani, best care taker is Ramesh Aravind, Best liar is Mukyamantri Chandru, three Vajras are heroines Sharmila Mandre, Meghana and Asha. The heart damager of the evening was music director Rickey Kej.

In addition to it the statement made by Ramesh Aravind that he is the happy man of the year because when the given work is completed in given time and given budget. Such pleasure the director earns is the award he feels. This is not a comedy by an entertainer he disclosed. He introduced the twin gymnast Ajay and Arjun perfectly suited for the role, Rajanikanth the comedy actor from Mandya Ramesh team.

The three beauties on the evening Sharmila Mandre (that was her second assignment on the day. Earlier to it she attended the ‘Shivamani’ media briefing), American accent Meghana and the giraffe of the team Asha the model from last three years added glamour for the evening at KSCA Club P2 Hall.

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