Posted date: 31/December/2009

Big budget, big expectations from big producers films like Nam Yajamanru, Prem Kahani, Circus, Nanda, Meghave Meghave, Birugaali, Rajakumari, Hat trick Hodimaga, Dubai Babu, Olave Jeevana Lekkachara, Karanji, Kencha, Male Barali Manjoo Irali, Cheluvina Chilipili, Iniya, Bhagyadha Balegara, Rajani, Devru, Abhay, Salute, Ballari Naga, Devaru Kotta Thangi, Jeeva, Gokula, Ravana and few others crashed in the box office.

There is another category called new producers films that showed some promises. House full from Maverick, ‘Kalakaar’ from Bangalore Talkies, Love Guru from Nim Cinema and Vaayuputra from Sriram Films are the films that falls in to this category.

Shivarajakumar occupies the biggest flop hero position in the year as his films Nanda, Hat trick Hodimaga, Bhagyadha Balegara, Devaru Kotta Thangi fared very bad in the box office. As for as heroines is concerned it is Pooja Gandhi the maximum number of films heroine flopped too with not even one big hit. Anu, Huchchi, Ninagaagi Kadhiruve and Gokula films did not do well.

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