Posted date: 4/June/2010

‘Naan elle Kelsa Madidru, I will not forget Kannada filmdom and come here frequently’ – this is national fame choreographer Chinni Prakash who is doing a choreography for five minutes song on ‘Siddartha’ (born in 567 BC son of Suddhona and Mayadevi) the early life of Gauthama Buddha a film that is taken up by Ashutosh Gowarikar in 500 crores in the Hollywood style. The cameraman who made ‘Independence Day’ a Hollywood cinema will be handling the ‘Gauthama Buddha’ international film says Chinni Prakash.

For the five minutes choreography Chinni Prakash has done three years of research whereas Ashutosh on the film ‘Gautham Buddha’ has done four years of research on the project.

It is the research work that makes the attempts ‘Pukka’ and we can give the present generation of the past says Chinni Prakash. He has recently done choreography on the genesis of Gujarat music and dance in Rs.50 crores with the help of 5000 dancers. Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi showed initiative to see this magnificent composition of Chinni Prakash that was repeated the next day.

Chinni Prakash feels always proud to come back to Kannada. He remembers ‘Premaloka’ where he composed 10 songs and it was like a full family in those days and it was no decided. Today it is a piece work taken up different department he expresses his grief on the present day attitudes of film makers.

Chinni Prakash was speaking to media friends at Manchinabele dam where he was composing a song for ‘Karthik’ Kannada film featuring Karthik Shetty and Archana Gupta.

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